Share a new WordPress blog post to Facebook newsfeed automatically with Microsoft Flow


Whenever you publish a new blog post on WordPress, the good news can be automatically shared on your Facebook timeline. With Microsoft Flow, part of the Office 365 suite. Here is how:

1. Your Microsoft Flow needs to authenticate to WordPress and Facebook. Create connections for each account.

a. Login on the Office 365 portal.

b. Select the Flow tile from the App Launcher.


c. In the settings menu at the top-right of the screen select Connections.


d. On the My connections page click Create Connection. 


e. In the list of Available connections, select the connection that you want to set up, such as Facebook or WordPress. Then, enter your credentials to set up the connection. Click Approve to allow Flow to login on your behalf.


2. Create a new blank flow.

Go to a modern SharePoint list and select Create a flow.


Alternatively on the Office 365 portal select My flow and Create from blank.


3. Add the needed actions and conditions.

a. Look for the action WordPress – When a post is created.


b. Click New step and Add an action.


c. Select Facebook – Post to my timeline and add your customized status message.


4. Save the flow and it will get automatically enabled.


Actions displayed when adding new steps are filtered on the ones compatible with the flow logic. You can still manually search for and add other actions, but these will eventually not work.

e.g. at the time of this writing, posting to a SharePoint page fails with the message 200 Insufficient permission to post to target on behalf of the viewer