Microsoft exams – 3 tips to deduct the right answer that you will not find in any book

Microsoft exams are difficult. There are sometimes questions which people with many years of experience cannot answer.

Over the years I took many exams and have developed some tactics that helped me to deduct the right answers.

1. Learn about latest products / capabilities / features

Microsoft loves their products. They promote them wherever they can. And the exams are no exception. For questions where you need to select a product or methodology for implementing a scenario, in the majority of cases (always) the answer is their latest product in that field. You don’t even have to read the other answers 🙂

Let me give you an example. If you are being asked about a solution for intelligent security analytics, don’t even think about other answers than Azure Sentinel.

2. Leverage your experience

There will be questions where you simply don’t know the answer. Try to figure it out by leveraging your experience or knowledge from other products.

Many times I had to choose between PowerShell commands that were unknown to me, but I figured the right answer based on other similar commands that I knew by heart.

3. Read answers before questions

You might argue with me. But in my case, going quickly through the answers and finding the common ground, often helps to eliminate some of the wrong answers even before reading the question. The other way is to read the question and come up with the correct answer before looking at the answer choices. You should find out what works best for you.


Microsoft exams are hard. You will not take an exam only with these tips. But they might make the small difference between passing an exam with 710 points or failing with 695 points.

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