How to create an Office 365 trial tenant

It takes you 5 minutes to create an Office 365 tenant for testing purposes.
Here is how you can do it.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on more details.
  • Click “Try for free” in the Enterprise E3 or E5 column.
  • Fill in your contact data and click Next:
  • Type in a user ID and password to create your used ID and click Create my account:

Note: choose your tenant name carefully (ranari in my case).

You will not be able change the tenant name later. SharePoint and other services will use this domain name e.g. and you will not be able to change it.

You can check if the tenant name is available on the site:

  • Enter your phone number to prove that you are not a robot and enter the verification code received.
  • You’re ready to go.

Getting Facebook adds from a site you just visited? Facebook Pixel

I keep seeing adds on Facebook from an online shopping site that I just visited. Does this sound familiar? It happens to me all the time.
The feature that makes this possible is called Facebook Pixel. By placing Facebook Pixel Code on the header of your website, when someone visits your site and takes an action like completing a purcase, the Facebook Pixel is triggered and reports the action. You will then be able to reach to the customer again through future Facebook ads.

Curios to see if a site uses Facebook Pixel?

1. Open in Internet Explorer any add suggested by Facebook.
2. Press F12 to switch to the Developper Tools.
3. Press Ctrl+F to open the search query and search for „fbevents.js”.
4. Finding a match like this one will confirm that the site is using Facebook Pixel Events.

To set up Facebook Pixel on your own site follow these steps

1. Create a Facebook pixel from the Pixels tab in Facebook Add Manager available at

2. Update the website’s header section with the code provided by Facebook Pixel. The code looks like this:

3. Track specific actions people take on your website by setting up the Facebook Pixel in the Ads Manager
You can choose between following events to track on Page Load or Inline Action: Purchase, Generate Lead, Complete Registration, Add Payment Info, Add to Cart, Add to Wishlist, Initiate Checkout, Search, View Content.

You can also create your own custom events.

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